6 Yoga Poses for Senior Health and Wellness

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Good Yoga Poses for Seniors in Jefferson, CO

Yoga is a wonderful exercise to practice regularly, whether you’re six or 60. For seniors, however, yoga offers a number of irreplaceable benefits, like improved memory, increased flexibility, and better bone health. If you provide home care in Jefferson County for an aging parent or relative, here are a few easy poses he or she can try to awaken his or her inner yogi.

1. Cat

This pose, often done at the beginning of a yoga session, promotes flexibility in the back and spine. It can help improve posture and balance while reducing stress. In addition, the “Cat” pose can also stimulate internal organs like the kidneys, helping them stay active and healthy.

2. Bridge

Using this pose is a fantastic way to strengthen the hips and lower back, two areas that are often weak in elderly people–especially in those who are sitting most of the day. The “Bridge” can also help improve digestion and symptoms associated with hypertension and osteoporosis.

3. Tree

The “Tree Pose” is a simple yoga posture that helps improve balance by strengthening the muscles and tendons of the legs and feet. Regular use of the pose can also help increase the strength of the hips, helping ensure stability and comfort while walking.

4. Downward Dog

As one of the most recognizable and popular yoga poses, the “Downward Dog” has some great benefits. It builds bone density, boosts circulation, and is a great pose to reduce stiffness in the morning. This pose also stretches the back, arms, and legs.

5. Cobra

To stretch and strengthen the upper body, the “Cobra” is a great choice. It stretches the chest, lungs, shoulders, and upper back while also strengthening the spine. As an added bonus, “Cobra” can also help reduce pain associated with sciatica.

6. Legs Up the Wall

The “Legs Up the Wall” pose is a great choice for those who have difficulty bending over. This pose works extremely well at lowering stress and increasing blood circulation as it forces blood back to the heart.

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