Impact of Greasy Foods on Senior’s Health

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In lakwood , CO Seniors should Avoid Eating Fast and Oily Food in Summers

The craving for greasy foods is difficult for some seniors to ignore. Though an occasional indulgence is not usually going to cause serious health conditions, it is important for your aging loved one to understand why eating greasy food regularly is detrimental to his or her health. Jefferson County, CO, live-in care experts discuss 5 of the top reasons to keep your loved one’s diet free of greasy foods.

1. Excessive Calories

Weight management is crucial for preventing conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Fried foods contain far more calories than seniors need in their diets. If your loved one is worried about getting full at every meal, keep in mind a cup of apples has fewer calories and can satisfy an appetite for longer than a cup of french fries.

2. Digestive Discomfort

There’s a reason why heartburn commercials like to talk about seniors eating a big, greasy meal before the discomfort starts. Many digestive disorders are aggravated by grease. Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and acid reflux are just a few conditions that require seniors to scale back on greasy meals. If your loved one still craves fried food, try baking his or her meals instead.

3. Higher Cholesterol

Greasy foods contain high levels of trans fats that raise the bad cholesterol in a senior’s blood. Over time, the accumulation of cholesterol creates blockages in the arteries. To prevent heart disease, your loved one should aim to add healthier fats to his or her diet using olive oil, which breaks down better than animal fats.

4. Low Nutritional Benefits

Cooking food at a high temperature breaks down the nutritional composition that is vital for seniors to prevent malnutrition. For this reason, eating a cup of fried okra provides far less nutrition than a cup of fresh veggies. To maximize his or her vitamin intake, your loved one should strive to eat food in its natural state whenever possible.

5. Increased Chance of Cancer

As science explores more about how the food we eat influences our health, it has been discovered that frying food actually generates dangerous carcinogens. This is due to the chemical breakdown of fats when using heat. Stomach, pancreas, and throat cancers are just a few types of cancer associated with greasy foods. Your loved one can reduce his or her risk of these cancers by opting to eat low-fat meals instead.

At Home Care Assistance, we believe proper nutrition is one of the most essential components of living a long, healthy life. To help your loved one maintain his or her health, our caregivers can prepare healthy meals, go grocery shopping, and assist with exercise and many other important everyday tasks. For more information of home care Lakewood, CO, families trust, call one of our friendly Care Managers today at (303) 987-5992.


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