Essential Tips for Long-Distance Family Caregivers

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Important Tips for Long-Distance Family Caregivers in Jefferson County, CO

Caring for a senior loved one from a long distance may seem daunting. When you suddenly face having to care for your loved one, you may wonder how you’ll manage it from afar. Fortunately, there are resources designed specifically to help you care for your senior parent. For example, an in-home care team can assist you in overseeing the care of your loved one, even when you’re remote. Check out some of the best ways to manage long-distance in-home care.

Community Collaboration

These days, there are a lot of organizations that have seniors’ needs in mind. From the National Council on Aging to Meals on Wheels and senior transportation services, you can take advantage of a plethora of available resources designed to help your loved one. Make sure to check out local churches and civic organizations to assess the different services they provide for people of all ages. These organizations can entertain and assist your loved one when you’re not there to do so.

Seniors who need help with everyday tasks can benefit from professional in-home care. Home care experts are available to provide high-quality care to seniors on an as-needed basis. From assistance with mobility and exercise to providing transportation to the doctor’s office and social events, there are a variety of ways professional caregivers can help your aging loved one continue to live independently.


Technology has come a long way, and it’s not just for the benefit of the Millennial generation. The latest tech today allows you to be a caregiver from miles away. There are cameras for the home that enable you to check in on your loved one during the day. In addition, there are systems to help you manage medication alerts and reminders so your parent is always on track with necessary medicines. This technology allows you to see if your parent is safe, but you’re also alerted if he or she hasn’t eaten, left the house, or checked his or her blood pressure. But before you hook up a high-tech monitoring system in your loved one’s home, make sure to discuss the options so he or she feels comfortable having such technology in the house. Ensure your loved one understands it’s difficult for you to check in from miles away and this technology allows you to stay connected.

Some seniors only require help with a few daily tasks so they can maintain their independence. However, those living with serious illnesses may need more extensive assistance. Luckily, there is professional live-in care Lakewood, CO, seniors can rely on. Home can be a safer and more comfortable place for your loved one to live with the help of an expertly trained and dedicated live-in caregiver.

Home Care & Healthcare Teams

When it comes to caregiving, sometimes we all need a little help. By hiring the right in-home care team, you can free up your time and provide high-quality care for your loved one. However, it’s important to establish a relationship with these team members so you can stay in the know regarding your parent’s health. Ensure you’re the healthcare proxy for your loved one so you can ask questions and receive information as needed. If you have any medical, nutritional, or other health-related concerns about your parent, make sure to address these with your loved one’s physician.

Though you may be researching multiple agencies that provide in-home care, Lakewood, CO, Home Care Assistance has much to offer your family and your elderly loved one. We are leaders in the senior home care industry, offering proprietary programs like our holistic Balanced Care Method and around-the-clock assistance from reliable, experienced caregivers. Trust Home Care Assistance to help your loved one enjoy a happier and healthier life in the golden years. Whether your parent needs hourly or live-in care, give us a call at (303) 987-5992 today.


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