Tips for Daily Living from Alzheimer’s Caregivers

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Providing Alzheimer’s home care for an elderly loved one can be quite challenging and take a toll both physically and mentally. The experienced Alzheimer’s caregivers at Home Care Assistance of Jefferson County have come up with their top tips for making everyday living a little easier.

Say “Yes, and?”

“Yes, and” is the basic premise of improv comedy. Instead of imposing your own view of reality on the senior you’re caring for, which can be upsetting and frustrating for both of you, follow his or her lead. If your loved one insists the house is full of friendly monkeys, agree and turn the moment into a game. You may soon find that both of you are less stressed and full of good humor as the tension of repeated confrontation is replaced by whimsy.

Set Aside You Time

It may seem basic, but those providing home care for an aging relative often forget to tend to their own needs when they’re so engrossed with managing someone else’s. Although you may initially feel guilty putting yourself first, make sure you schedule time to take care of yourself in whatever ways you need. Make a list of things that you need to do for your own sake, and then make sure to do them. Neglecting yourself only compromises the quality of care you’re able to provide others.

Ask for Help

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s isn’t something you can do alone. Call on friends, family, community, and social support services to help you when you need it. You can also reach out to professional Jefferson County home care services to provide care for your loved one a few times a week while you take time to yourself. Also, consider joining a support group for a safe place to vent any frustrations, discover new care tips, and learn about important resources.

If you need help managing your loved one’s complex care needs, Home Care Assistance of Jefferson County is here to help. As a leading provider of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s care in Jefferson County, we specialize in providing high-quality care for seniors with advanced conditions through flexible hourly care or comprehensive live-in care services. To learn more, call an experienced Care Manager at (303) 987-5992 and schedule a free in-home consultation.


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