5 Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Family Caregivers

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5 Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Family Caregivers

This holiday season, recognize the friends and family members who provide care for their loved ones – those who ease burdens and warm hearts all year long – with a thoughtful gift. Regardless of the age, gender, or pastimes of the caregiver, you’re sure to find the right present by asking one simple question, “How can I make this person’s life easier?”

The following are some of Jefferson County Home Care Assistance’s favorite holiday gifts for caregivers. While they’re not the most elaborate or expensive, they’re thoughtful and can go a long way in helping a caregiver better manage their (often hectic) day-to-day routines.

  1. Gift Cards for Services – Help a friend or family caregiver by purchasing services that are needed around the caregiver’s own home, whether that means lawn care, a once-a-week house cleaning, or even meal delivery. Helping lift some of menial tasks off of a caregiver’s to-do list can help ease anxiety and stress.
  1. Coffee and Tea – Acknowledge the energy slump your favorite caretaker probably experiences from time to time with a coffee- or tea-themed gift basket. Consider including a small, portable coffee maker along with a nice ceramic mug. You could also include a gift card to a local coffee house and a note that says you’ll accompany them. You’d be surprised at how many caregivers shy away from social engagements because of caregiving responsibilities.
  1. Hobby-Related Gifts – Those who spend a great deal of their time caring for others may risk losing touch with their hobbies outside the caregiving realm. Take the time to learn what the caregiver’s entertainment preferences are and cater to those. Get a new sleuth story for the mystery book lover or comical television series on DVD for the caregiver that loves to laugh. Other hobby gifts may include puzzles, woodworking kits, and a nice canvas-and-paints set.
  1. A Night Out – A gift certificate that covers a movie, popcorn, and a large soda can give the caregiver a carefree night out. You may also consider a gift certificate for a nice restaurant or game tickets so your friend or family member can root for their favorite team. You can even offer to watch the caregiver’s loved one while they’re out, or you can offer the services of a part-time caregiver in Jefferson County as part of your gift as well!
  1. Relaxation. Not everyone relaxes the same way, but a gift that encourages relaxation is bound to be appreciated by the caregiver in your life. Depending on individual taste, yoga classes, a relaxation tape, a massage, or a spa day may prove a relaxing, and welcome, gift.

Interested in learning more about the gift of respite this holiday season? Reach out to Home Care Assistance of Jefferson County today at 303-987-5992 for information about our flexible in-home care services, which are available without a long-term contract or commitment.


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