What Comes After a Parkinson’s Diagnosis?

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After a Parkinson's Diagnosis in Seniors

A Parkinson’s diagnosis can send a ripple of shock throughout the entire family. While seniors might need time to adapt to this revelation, it is important for close relatives to remain accessible. Offering the right support and guidance can help aging adults establish solid plans for maintaining a high-quality life and a positive, proactive mindset.

Consider Long-Term Plans

Although talking about long-term plans with a senior family member can be difficult, many aging adults are deeply worried about how they’ll get by once they are no longer able to care for themselves. After a Parkinson’s diagnosis, you may find that this is the best time to start asking your loved one about his or her wishes and plans regarding senior home care in Jefferson County. Offering your support, in whatever capacity it is needed, can help allay some of the fears that your loved one is experiencing.

Discussing Treatment Options

Though there is currently no cure for Parkinson’s, there are certainly many strategies for managing this disease. Your loved one may want to start Parkinson’s medications right away or he or she may wish to visit a naturopath and seek natural forms of treatment instead. Establishing a solid plan for treatment early on is critical for limiting the progression of PD symptoms.

Look for a Support Group

There are a number of things you can say and do to comfort your loved one after a PD diagnosis, but few things are as comforting as talking with people who are facing the same challenges. Finding a local support group will give your family member access to camaraderie and companionship with a host of like-minded people who have similar challenges. There are also support groups for family members and Parkinson’s caregivers.

Make a List of Resources

Given that PD is a progressive disease, the amount of assistance your loved one will need is guaranteed to change over time. Make a list of all the different resources that can help your family member maintain an optimal life quality, even as physical abilities begin to wane. These can include Jefferson County home care agencies, senior ride services, meal delivery services, and more.

Focus on the Positive

Many people find that the progression of PD symptoms is slow enough to allow for learning new ways of getting things done. Find out about special assistive devices and eating, cooking, and household instruments that allow seniors to retain their independence during the formative stages of this disease. Taking a proactive approach to PD management will invariably lead to a more positive outlook.

If your loved one has recently been diagnosed with PD and you would like to learn more about providing care and support, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We’re a trusted provider of hourly and live-in care in Jefferson County, offering trained caregivers, flexible scheduling, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call our office today at (303) 987-5992 and request a complimentary in-home consultation.


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