How to Prevent Bedsores on Seniors

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What Caregivers Can Do to Prevent Elderly Bedsores in Jefferson Co, CO

Bedsores are an uncomfortable condition that are more likely to occur when seniors are bedridden. Fortunately, there are many things that can be done to prevent these painful sores. If you provide home care in Jefferson County for an aging parent, keep the following tips in mind.

Change Positions Often

A bedsore is often referred to as a pressure sore since they occur on areas of the skin where a person’s body comes in contact with their bed or another surface. Changing positions frequently can prevent one part of the body having too much pressure applied for too long. Seniors should turn from their back and alternate sides every couple of hours.

Add Cushions

Sometimes, bedsores occur where a person’s body parts come together such as between the knees. Pillows or rolled blankets can be placed between these areas to prevent contact. However, it should be noted that cushions can help, but they should also be moved whenever the senior changes positions. Cushions can also be used to help a senior stay propped in a new position while increasing their comfort.

Keep Skin Clean and Dry

When bedsores occur, they can lead to infections. Clean, dry skin is also less likely to develop sores. Therefore, it is especially important to make sure seniors are bathed every day, and their skin should be thoroughly dried following their bath. Areas that show signs of a developing sore such as redness or swelling should then be monitored to prevent complications.

Encourage Exercise

It can be challenging for seniors to exercise when they are confined to a bed. Yet, movement encourages circulation and can relieve the pressure on a senior’s skin. Simple bed exercises can be easily accomplished with help from an in-home caregiver if a senior cannot do them alone. Leg and arm stretches, arm lifts, and neck rolls can all help prevent bedsores from developing.

Providing comprehensive care for a senior loved one can be challenging when balancing other responsibilities. If you could use additional support meeting his or her care needs, call Home Care Assistance at (303) 987-5992. Our respite caregivers in Jefferson County provide the relief family caregivers need and ensure seniors maintain comfort and safety at home. Reach out today. We are here to help.


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