5 Ways Seniors Can Increase Their Life Expectancy

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Helping Seniors Expand their Lifespan in Jefferson County, CO

Though more people today than ever before are living to be 100, becoming a centenarian is still an uncommon accomplishment. The seniors who live such long and healthy lives all have their own ideas about the decisions they made that may have increased their longevity, and the Jefferson County caregivers at Home Care Assistance discuss a few of those lifestyle choices.

1. Make Vegetables the Main Course

Within China is a unique town known as Longevity Village. This village is home to dozens of centenarians, which is why researchers from around the world are studying it to unlock the secrets to a long life. One common theme these researchers have found is most of the residents in Longevity Village eat vegetables as their main course and meat products only as the occasional treat. 

2. Stay Active

Frieda Falk, who lived to be 101, believed the key to staying healthy past age 100 is getting out and moving as much as possible. She constantly strived to stay active and learn new skills that stimulated her mentally as well as physically, which included going on daily walks with her family and hosting weekly Bible groups in the park with her friends. 

3. Give Back to the Community

Even seniors with limited mobility or other health conditions can still find ways to give back to their communities. Rose Strassburger is a centenarian who has become an icon in her hometown by raising thousands of dollars for local charities. When she cannot get out of the house, she continues to help others by making calls and writing letters for donations. 

4. Maintain Consistent Healthy Habits

Duranord Veillard, who is currently 109, believes consistent daily habits are an absolute necessity for anyone who would like to live past 100. He starts each morning with fresh fruit and a cup of tea and ends each day with a lean protein source such as chicken or fish. In an interview with USA Today, he mentioned he also tries to complete 7 pushups every morning before getting ready for the day. Veillard’s wife Yvette is only a few years younger than he is, and they have been married for over 80 years.

5. Avoid Stressful Relationships

Sharing a life with someone can be extremely healthy, as the Veillards would likely argue, but long-term relationships aren’t necessarily for everyone. Jessie Gallan never had a serious relationship during the 109 years she was alive. She insisted being able to focus on herself while avoiding drama was her secret to a long and healthy life. 

If your loved one wants to increase his or her chances of living to 100 and beyond, the dedicated caregivers at Home Care Assistance can help. Using our revolutionary Balanced Care Method (BCM), our caregivers can encourage your loved one to focus on making healthier decisions like following a nutritious diet, exercising daily, and maintaining strong social ties. For more information on BCM and the elder care Jefferson County families trust, call one of our qualified Care Managers at (303) 987-5992 today.


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