Senior Nutrition: The Best Herbs for Adding Flavor

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Although some seniors must pay special attention to the diet due to high blood pressure or digestive problems, that does not mean they cannot enjoy a delicious meal. Salt can often be replaced with delicious herbs that add flavor and additional health benefits. The in-home caregivers from Home Care Assistance of Jefferson County share some of the best herbs to use when cooking for older adults.

  1. Cinnamon – Cinnamon makes a great addition to breakfast dishes like oatmeal and toast. You can even sprinkle it on an apple and bake it for a tasty snack. Best of all, some studies show that cinnamon can help keep blood sugar levels low which is great for seniors with diabetes.
  2. Rosemary – In Ancient Greece, students often used rosemary to boost memory before exams. Modern studies even show rosemary can help keep stroke and Alzheimer’s at bay. Rosemary tastes great with baked vegetables like potatoes or green beans and is also frequently incorporated into chicken dishes.
  3. Basil – Basil is a natural COX inhibitor, which is good news for seniors with arthritis. It is also packed with several essential vitamins. Basil pairs great with tomatoes so include a bit in pasta sauces or in salads.
  4. Cumin – Cumin has a smokey, peppery taste, and it is often used to season chili, stews, fish, pork, and vegetables. It is also a staple of many Cuban dishes. Cumin is a great source of calcium, iron, and magnesium.
  5. Mint – Mint comes in many flavors, and it is great for a nice afternoon cup of hot tea without all the additives that come in store-bought teabags. It can also help soothe an upset stomach.
  6. Ginger – Ginger can also help soothe an upset digestive tract, and it is great in both savory and sweet dishes. Add it to cookies and muffins or soups and stir-fries
  7. Tumeric – Tumeric is a staple in India, both for cooking and medicine, and Americans are starting to catch on to its amazing flavor. It’s great for spicing up soups and rice dishes. Studies show it can also help boost the immune system and improve heart health among other things.

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