Top Tips for Elderly Trying to Quit Smoking

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Take These Steps to Stop Smoking for Better Health

It is never too late in life to curb unhealthy habits. The decision to stop smoking cigarettes can have an immediate impact on senior health, and it is also a choice that comes with progressive benefits. In order to succeed in their cessation efforts, however, seniors should have solid plans for both preventing and dealing with cravings.

Stop Hanging Around Other People Who Smoke

Even with a strong resolve and plenty of support from loved ones, quitting smoking is hard. It is especially difficult, however, when seniors are constantly around others who smoke. During the first stage of a cessation plan, Jefferson County senior care professionals recommend aging adults only surround themselves with non-smokers who have similar health and lifestyle goals.

Form Healthy Habits

One of the best ways to get rid of an old bad habit is to immediately replace it with a new good habit. Smokers often have familiar routines that are just as hard to shake as the cigarettes themselves. If seniors are used to lighting up after meals, they should plan on talking a short walk outside instead. When getting out and getting active isn’t a possibility, smokers can replace their after-meal cigarette with a piece of fresh fruit. At the very least, this will sate the hand-to-mouth craving that smokers often feel when attempting to kick the habit.

Join a Support Group

Giving up a long-held habit can create a sense of loss, even if this habit wasn’t a very healthy one. Joining a support group will allow seniors to benefit from the camaraderie and companionship of like-minded individuals while learning new strategies for dealing with cravings and stress.

Consult with the Primary Care Provider

Doctors should be kept in the loop when seniors decide to quit smoking. They are guaranteed to be supportive of these decisions and can also offer a tremendous amount of help. More importantly, a senior’s doctor can recommend the best smoking cessation aids based on his or her medical history and current health.

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