Senior Health: Why People over 60 Should Eat More Celery

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Why Seniors Should Eat More Celery in Jefferson Co, CO

Making wise choices when it comes to food is one way seniors can minimize doctor visits. This is especially true when it comes to a vegetable like celery, which can be easily incorporated into many favorite recipes or appreciated on its own merits or with peanut butter, which itself is loaded with vitamin E, niacin, and other essential nutrients. In honor of National Celery Month, caregivers in Jefferson County share the following health benefits of celery.

Assistance with Digestion

Celery has a high fiber content that can help seniors with the digestion process. Celery’s high water content also allows for the easy passage of stool.

Reduction in ‘Bad’ Cholesterol

Butylphthalide, the compound in celery that provides the vegetable’s flavor, may play a role in reducing LDL, or so-called “bad” cholesterol. One study found that two stalks of celery per day reduced LDL levels in participants by up to seven points.

Better Vision

The high amount of vitamin A in celery can help seniors maintain their vision. It offers approximately 10 percent of the recommend daily intake of vitamin A.

Lower Blood Pressure

Phthalides, coumarins, and apigenin are some of the compounds in celery that may help lower blood pressure. Raw celery tends to be more beneficial for lowering blood pressure.

Cancer Prevention

A handful of studies suggest certain components in celery may help prevent some forms of cancer. Two studies focused on luteolin, a powerful flavonoid found in celery, that’s been shown to prohibit the growth of cancer cells.

Fresh, crisp celery is especially rich in beneficial nutrients. While cooking can reduce some of the good things in celery that can help seniors keep the doctor away, steaming is a method of preparation that retains about 99 percent of the nutrients found in celery

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