The Feelings Associated with Caregiver Burnout

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The Feelings Associated with Caregiver Burnout

Being a caregiver for an aging or disabled loved one is a noble but taxing job, and for many, can overtake all other aspects of life. Not everyone is willing to devote themselves to the health of others, and it may become quickly apparent that other family members are not willing to share the responsibility equally, leaving one individual to do most of the work.

As a leading provider of home care in Jefferson County, we understand that family caregivers take on many roles when becoming a caregiver. From navigating healthcare documentation and finances to taking care of all the physical and emotional needs of another is a full time job, often leaving the caregiver feeling like there is no time to manage their own life. Because being a caregiver is a long term commitment, the stress that comes with it is just as consistent and therefore, just as dangerous.

Caregiver burnout manifests itself across the board. The worry one feels for their charge can persist in unrelated matters, making a caregiver a generally anxious and troubled person. Small problems may start to seem like big ones, and as exhausting as it is to be worried all the time, the caregiver will find it difficult to rest. One of the biggest sinkholes is that the caregiver is no longer taking the time to relax, and finds it difficult to find any satisfaction in taking care of their family member. For someone suffering through caregiver burnout, life starts to seem like a hopeless cycle of anxiety, worry, and unfulfilling success or devastating failure.

As important as it is to stay vigilant as a caregiver, it is more important to be able to let other people help when help is offered, and ask for it effectively without demanding when it isn’t. Spreading responsibility makes it easier to find the down time that every caregiver will need to continue to function. When support isn’t immediately available through family, there exist numerous support groups to fill the gap, in addition to support services including professional hourly and 24 hour care in Jefferson County.

If you feel overwhelmed by your caregiving responsibilities, don’t hesitate to reach out to Home Care Assistance of Jefferson County. Along with flexible hourly and live-in care plans, we are always here to provide a listening ear. Call 303-987-5992 to speak to a friendly Care Manager and learn how in-home care could benefit you, as well as your aging parent, grandparent or loved one.


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