Common Family Conflicts When Caring for an Aging Parent

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Common Family Conflicts Regarding Senior Loved Ones in Jefferson, CO

Conflicts are normal for caregivers who are often thrust into a new role with very little experience tending to another person’s needs. Although it can be easy to throw your hands up in frustration, it is reassuring to know that it will get better. In the meantime, consider these potential conflicts now so that you can create some ideas for managing them before they arise.

Changing Roles

After years of taking care of others, seniors may resist the idea that they need assistance, especially from their adult children. Try to keep in mind that changing roles may be hard for your parent, and suggest outside help from another caregiver in Jefferson County if he or she refuse to allow you to assist with delicate tasks such as personal hygiene.

Division of Responsibilities

The burden of responsibility can weigh heavily on each member of the family, yet it is common for one sibling to feel as though he or she is doing more for an aging parent than everyone else. When this happens, it is important to prevent caregiver burnout and avoid escalating the situation by finding ways to ease the strain. Switching responsibilities with another family member or arranging for professional home care in Jefferson County are two effective ways to manage this conflict.

Medical and Financial Decisions

Family squabbles can hit a new level when it comes to making serious decisions regarding your loved one’s care. Many people have different beliefs regarding how health care and finances should be managed. If possible, your parent’s wishes should always be considered first. However, it may be necessary to consult with an outside party, such as a lawyer or doctor, to obtain a resolution.

Personal Needs

Caregivers are known for their selflessness, yet there comes a time when you need to take care of your own needs. Whether it is scheduling that necessary medical appointment or attending a child’s school event, it is impossible to be in two places at the same time. Unplanned needs can also arise unexpectedly when another member of the family cannot be there to help. For these types of events, respite care in Douglas County is an option that can ensure everyone’s needs are met.

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