Making the Transition from Hospital to Home As Safe As Possible

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Ensuring Your Senior Loved One Has a Safe Transition Home from the Hospital in Jefferson Co, CO

During the first few weeks after returning home from a hospital stay, seniors are at their most vulnerable for injuries or infections that could lead to readmission. Fortunately, families and caregivers in Jefferson County can use these strategies to ease the transition so that their senior loved one can stay safe.

Understand the Discharge Instructions

The discharge process is often hurried, and it is common for families to feel confused regarding the aftercare instructions. Make sure that any pertinent information is in written form, and ask questions regarding any procedures or follow up appointments that are not immediately clear.

Prepare a Recovery Area

When a person has had a long hospital stay, they typically will not have regained their full abilities by the time they return home. For this reason, it may be necessary to create a recovery room at home. Ideally, this area should have a comfortable bed and be located near the restroom and a sink. This can reduce the amount of movement a person must engage in to complete his or her daily routine.

Eliminate Fall Risks

Rugs, unlit hallways, and slippery bathroom surfaces can all lead to a fall. Spend a few minutes walking the floor plan of your loved one’s home to make sure that there are not any hazards in his or her path. If necessary, install non-skid mats in the restroom and kitchen areas, and move furniture if your loved one will be using mobility aids such as a walker or wheelchair.

Arrange for Consistent Supervision

Often, injuries happen when a person attempts to take on more activity than his or her body can handle. Reduce this risk by making sure someone can stop by each day and help with tasks such as cooking and getting dressed or hire a Jefferson County senior care agency if family members and friends are unavailable. This way, the senior can focus solely on recovery without pushing his or her body beyond its limits.

Let Home Care Assistance help make your loved one’s transition as smooth as possible. Our experienced caregivers can be present at the hospital, take extensive notes, review aftercare instructions, and help with everyday tasks in the home. To learn more about our care services, including comprehensive dementia and Jefferson County Alzheimer’s care, give us a call at (303) 987-5992 and speak with a dedicated Care Manager.


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