Senior Exercises for the Body & Mind

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Senior Exercise and Fitness Tips

The link between the body and the mind is a strong connection that can be harnessed to produce positive physical responses. Many people have found that practicing and fine-tuning specific exercises can help alleviate problems associated with:

  • The immune system
  • Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety

As a Jefferson County home care provider with a holistic approach to senior care, we believe that seniors should have access to care and activities that promote body and mind, and wanted to share some of our favorite exercises that do just that!

  • Guided Imagery – Often prompted through audio media, guided imagery involves using the imagination to visualize pleasant places and things. The goal of the exercise is to release negative responses and induce feelings of peace and calm. This type of exercise can also enhance mood, even providing seniors with the motivation needed to carry out daily activities.
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation – Mastering the technique of progressive muscle relaxation can help seniors unwind and release the stress hormones that can be destructive in the body. The exercise is performed by contracting specific body groups for approximately five seconds and then taking 10 seconds to slowly relax the area. People usually start with the muscles of the feet and work upward through the body to the muscles of the shoulders and neck. It helps seniors gain better awareness of their bodies, which can help seniors better identify pain or changes in physical abilities.
  • Yoga – Developed in India thousands of years ago, the practice of yoga has long been attributed to decreasing stress and promoting well-being. Proponents of yoga have touted its benefits asserting that, when executed correctly, it creates a harmony between the body and the mind. The key elements that are performed in yoga are controlled breathing, meditation and moving into specific postures. It is a great exercise for seniors and older adults because it can be modified to almost any ability level.
  • Tai Chi – Tai chi is a traditional Chinese form of martial arts that features fluid, graceful movements and deep breathing techniques that have been proven to reduce stress and enhance fitness. It involves performing low-impact exercises that build strength, increase flexibility and promote well-being through meditation. Since it involves no special equipment or challenging positions, it is a perfect exercise for seniors who may not otherwise participate in an organized physical fitness routine.

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