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By Cherie Coe, 8:00 am on November 24, 2014

Pneumonia is one of the most serious infections in elderly adults. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, there is 1 fatality for every 20 seniors that contract pneumonia, leaving the illness (combined with influenza) to be the eighth leading cause of death in the United States. Fortunately, the new Pneumococcal Vaccine is shown to be approximately 85% effective in preventing cases of pneumonia from turning into the fatal Pneumococcal Disease. Before sharing more information about the vaccine, Jefferson County Home Care Assistance presents a bit of information about Pneumonia. Pneumonia is a lung infection that can be caused by over 30 different viruses, bacteria and fungi. The infection causes the lung’s air sacs to fill with fluid and become severely inflamed. Symptoms associated with pneumonia include but…

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By Cherie Coe, 5:41 pm on November 17, 2014

As we age, it becomes harder and harder to think clearly and process information in the right way. Rather than lamenting this fact, steps can be taken to fight and improve the mental powers of the aging population. Here are a few fun and engaging activities, recommended by the Jefferson County senior care experts at Home Care Assistance. Try Sudoku – This Japanese number game has gained popularity in the last few years and is a great way to boost brain power. Studies have shown that Sudoku improves thought processes and concentration, as well as memory. Playing a game each day can stave off the effects of Alzheimer’s and other memory-related conditions. Write by Hand – Typing is faster than handwriting, but the use of the muscles – as well…

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By Cherie Coe, 8:00 am on November 10, 2014

Taking on the role of caregiver for an aging family member or loved one can be an extremely rewarding experience. However, there are many cases when an aging loved one’s complex care needs make caregiving a stressful and emotional job that can impact your health as a caregiver. Fortunately, there is support available – both in the ways of physical and emotional support. Here is a brief overview of some of the available resources for family caregivers: Local Support Sometimes, allowing someone to take a bit of the burden from you can be just what you need to ensure quality care for your loved one. One of the best resources for caregiving families is your local Area Agency on Aging, an association whose primary mission is to help older adults…

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By Cherie Coe, 1:09 am on November 3, 2014

Aging in place, the process of safely living in one’s own home and community, often seems like a far reach for those who suffer from dementia. Families of seniors with dementia often feel as though moving their loved one into a nursing home or facility is the only option, especially as the disease progresses. This is false! With today’s wide variety of support services, aging in place is entirely possible, even for those who are living with memory-related conditions such as dementia. Alternatives to Nursing Home Placement In addition to family caregiving, there are two main alternatives that the family may have to placement within a nursing facility. These include non-medical home care services and adult daycare programs. Both can provide peace-of-mind for the family, while ensuring safety and supervision…

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By Cherie Coe, 8:00 am on October 27, 2014

The older you get, the harder it might be to exert yourself like you did when you were young. Going out and getting active might sound challenging and even intimidating. However, daily exercise doesn’t have to consist of extreme weight lifting or hours of running. It’s just important to keep your body moving, to avoid both physical and mental atrophy. At Jefferson County Home Care Assistance, daily exercise is a key component of our balanced approach to care. We understand that there are a lot of health risks associated with leading a sedentary lifestyle and encourage our clients to get up and moving! Those who are able to incorporate some level of activity into their daily routine are able to combat a host of health conditions including diabetes, high blood…

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By Cherie Coe, 8:00 am on October 20, 2014

Thanks to breakthroughs in medical research and increased knowledge of how nutrition affects our health, today’s seniors are living longer and better lives than at any other time in human history. However, some seniors are still unaware of how big of a role nutrition can play in their overall health. At Home Care Assistance of Jefferson County, CO, healthy and nutritious diets are an important component in our Balanced Care Method. When our caregivers assist with meal preparation, they focus on the following food groups, which have been show to help boost health, wellness and even mood for seniors: Whole Grains – The average senior citizen requires about seven ounces of grains per day, and it’s recommended that these come from whole grains rather than from food items made with…

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By Cherie Coe, 5:50 pm on October 13, 2014

Loving families are often willing to move mountains for those that they love, especially for aging parents and loved ones. At Home Care Assistance of Jefferson County, we’ve see many dedicated families take on the role of caregiver when a loved one’s abilities decline and make daily activities such as cooking, cleaning or bathing and dressing difficult to complete. However, if you provide home care for a loved one, whether on an hourly or full-time basis, it’s important to know that you don’t have to embark on this journey alone. Respite care is a service that’s designed for family caregivers, providing them with relief from their day-to-day care responsibilities. Whether care is provided on an hourly or live-in basis, family caregivers are able to take time for themselves, to attend…

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By Cherie Coe, 5:39 pm on October 6, 2014

Industry studies report that upwards of 90% of seniors and older adults have expressed their desire to age in place, in the comfort of their own homes. While historically, seniors often moved to assisted living homes and nursing facilities when extra assistance was needed with daily activities and personal care, today’s generation of seniors are able to live out their golden years at home thanks to reliable and professional support systems such as in-home care. What is home care? Home care in Jefferson County is non-medical care for seniors and older adults. Care provided in the comfort of the senior’s home and can include help with a variety of daily tasks ranging from help with grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning to mobility, mediation reminders and transportation. Reliable transportation to medical…

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