5 Reasons to Join a Knitting Club Today

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Why Your Senior Loved One Should Join a Knitting Club in Jefferson Co, CO

Joining a local knitting club could be one of the best things your senior family member does for his or her health, or so says local Jefferson County elder care agencies. These groups provide a positive, relaxed, social atmosphere and plenty of opportunity to exercise the hands and the brain. Following are five reasons why aging adults should start looking for a club to join right now.

1. Beat The Blues

Loneliness, depression, and anxiety are all too common among the senior demographic. These emotions are especially problematic for seniors who spend the majority of their time living in isolation. People who join these groups share the common love of crafting and are often eager to make new friends. This creates an easy-going environment that helps aging adults socialize, regardless of how introverted they may be.

2. Preserve Fine Motor Coordination

Knitting is great for preserving fine motor coordination. As participants work their way through projects, they’ll be getting regular conditioning for the hands and fingers. The complex movements that crocheting and knitting entail will invariably lead to improved dexterity and skill.

3. Protect Cognitive Functioning

Surprisingly, knitting is also a good hobby for preserving cognitive functioning. Studies have shown that this activity actually promotes the development of new neural pathways. Moreover, the addition of a stimulating environment can further the complexity of the brain and bolster these new neural connections.

4. Stress Relief

Knitting is a very cathartic activity and can be the perfect form of stress relief, especially for aging adults who deal with chronic anxiety when left alone. While group members come together to talk about their projects and show off their finished works, there are also times in which people simply sit and practice their crafts. This allows seniors to enter a peaceful, restful state that has both psychological and physiological benefits.

5. Regain a Sense of Value and Purpose

Seniors often struggle with feelings of low self-worth after they’ve exited the traditional workforce. Belonging to a group that is dedicated to making new things can give seniors a renewed sense of purpose. This is especially true when knitting clubs are committed to donating their completed works to local charities and hospitals.

Some seniors give up their favorite hobbies when things like driving become more challenging. Find the support your loved one needs to maintain active and healthy through Home Care Assistance. We’re a trusted provider of Jefferson County respite care, hourly care, and live-in care and our caregivers can offer everything from transportation to companionship. To learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (303) 987-5992 and request a complimentary in-home consultation.


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