5 Fun Ways to Engage Homebound Seniors

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Fun Senior Activities to do in the House

Leading Jefferson County live-in care providers know how difficult it can be to keep homebound seniors engaged physically, mentally, and socially. If your senior loved one has seemed listless lately, give the following activities a try.

1. Windowsill Gardening

For seniors who lack mobility, an indoor windowsill or balcony garden is a great way for them to engage with nature. Fresh herbs are easy to grow and offer a wide variety of health benefits, especially rosemary, basil, and thyme. Gardening, even indoors, can help reduce stress, boost memory, and give seniors purpose.

2. Pet Visits

Jefferson County home care experts frequently come across research studies touting the health benefits of engaging with animals. Consider bringing in a small pet to visit your loved one once a week. Just a half hour with an animal has been proven to decrease feelings of loneliness and depression in seniors.

3. Volunteer Activities

Many volunteer activities can be done from the comfort of one’s home. Suggest knitting or crocheting blankets for hospitals, creating cards to send to veterans, or conducting historical research on the town. Engaging in volunteer activities is a great way for your loved one to remain mentally engaged and retain a sense of purpose.

4. Book Discussions

Reading is one of the best ways to stay sharp, and audio books and podcasts are great options for seniors with vision limitations. Your loved one can start a book club with a few close friends or family members or join an online discussion. Either way, participating in regular conversation encourages social engagement, creativity, and promotes critical thinking.

5. Exercise

Low-impact cardio, resistance training, and stretching are components of a balanced exercise regimen for seniors. Yoga offers all three and can be modified to accommodate any ability level, and exercises can be done while seated for seniors who cannot stand. Benefits of yoga include improved balance, enhanced respiratory function, pain alleviation, stress reduction, and improved sleep.

If you’re concerned about your homebound elderly relative remaining active, turn to Home Care Assistance of Jefferson County. Our hourly and live-in caregivers in Jefferson County can encourage light physical activity and socialization, provide emotional support and companionship, and run errands, grocery shop, and pick-up medications. To learn more about how our comprehensive care services can benefit your loved one, give our office a call at (303) 987-5992 to schedule a no-obligation in-home consultation.


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